DO SHOES CAUSE SCHIZOPHRENIA? Dunno.  Where I grew up, we never wore ’em.

FIVE THINGS WE LEARNED FROM THE WHITE HOUSE’S GOSPEL CELEBRATION: I learned there was a gospel celebration.  Cool.

CHRISTIAN MILLENIAL CAPITALISTS: “It’s our responsibility to fight against greed and consumerism, to create value for others, and to be wise with the wealth we create. It’s our job not to overthrow the system, but to be better participants. Our economy will only be as good as we choose to make it.”  Yep.

THE PRIEST WHO WENT DOWN WITH THE TITANIC: Great story.  I will say that one cool thing about being Protestant is we already consider him a saint.

THE TRIAL AND CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST IS MORE BELIEVABLE NOW: Well, to be honest, I always thought it believable, but, yeah, it’s a salient point.

(h/t Instapundit.)

BAD REASONS TO LEAVE YOUR CHURCH: I would add that the way you leave is important, too.  If you just disappear without having a conversation with your minister and church council, you’re probably leaving for an illegitimate reason.  And unless you’re so thoroughly traumatized by something in the congregation that you can’t talk about it, leaving without being honest about why to said minister and council is just cowardice.

DON’T LOOK DOWN: I have Spiderman comics dating back to 1969, so this is of particular interest to me.